Who we are:

We are a full service Architecture and interior design firm located in Santa Barbara, led by licensed Architect Kevin Moore, graduate of the Southern California Institute of Architecture with over 18 years of working experience in the Santa Barbara area. We specialize in creating warm modern and contemporary design and Architecture in the area. Kevin Moore has been appointed by the City Council to the City of Santa Barbara Architectural Board of Review (ABR) which reviews commercial and larger scale residential projects within the city limits.

What we do:

We design contemporary, modern and Mediterranean style houses, multi-family developments, mixed use developments, office interiors, restaurant interiors, wine tasting spaces, beer tasting spaces and tenant improvements in diverse environments in Santa Barbara and throughout California. We create destination developments utilizing adaptive reuse principles and assist property owners in re-positioning their property in exciting new ways. We work with our clients and teams of consultants like interior designers, Landscape Architects, engineers and planning specialists to bring our designs to life. We utilize models and cutting edge software including AutoCad, Revit and 3d Studio Max to aid in the visualization and insure the overall success of the design.

What makes us unique:

We are not a traditional office. We utilize the technology of the day to become more efficient and effective at the variety of tasks required to produce Architectural design and the documentation required to build. We engage consultants world wide on a project by project basis to insure that each job is staffed as needed. This frees us to focus on adding value to each project where we best can, in the design, planning and permitting phases. We are not weighed down by a large overhead or the need to manage a large staff, this allow us to be nimble and to stay fresh. We blend artistic/sculptural aesthetics with structural realities, functionality and financial requirements to create designs that are unique, forward thinking and specific to each site and each clients needs. We endeavor to go beyond what is expected and treat our clients and builders as partners in the project. We believe this is where the creative rubber meets the road and real design begins.

Our Experience:

We have experience working and designing Architecture and interiors in many areas of California including; Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Montecito, Hope Ranch, Holister Ranch, Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Ventura, Calabasas, Dana Point and Sacramento.

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