State St. AUD Project Ready for Planning Commission Review

Proposed Paseo Elevation

Our mixed use project on State St. will be on the agenda for the Planning Commission in a week. Due to the notices sent out the local media is taking notice. We welcome the interest in revitalizing our city and State St. by bringing housing into the core.

Color Site and Landscape Plan
Proposed Site Plan

Santa Barbara Hillside Guest House ADU

Exterior view of the architectural design

We were approached by a previous client to design an ADU (additional dwelling unit) for their hillside property in Santa Barbara. We walked the property together and settled on a location overlooking a ravine with views up to the mountains. The client is very interested in modular building and the opportunity to take advantage of prefabricated housing.

We created several design options of varying sizes that were refined and ultimately culminated on what you see above. The plan is based on modular dimensions to ease transportation of prefabricated modular parts to the site. A modern open plan allows the relatively small space to feel expansive. Large expanses of glass and sliding glass doors bring the outside in and open to a deck perfect for entertaining or letting the breeze in.

The interior is streamlined and modern with natural materials. Rooms within the house can accommodate multiple uses, home office to guest room with murphy bed. The ADU could be configured as a two bedroom rental or as a one bedroom with bonus room which provides flexibility for the future.

Above is the original concept floor plan. As the design was refined you can see the big ideas continue to guide the project; master and guest wing separated by the communal space, a central deck and glass wherever possible.

Onus Donuts Opens!

Juan Jimenez had a dream to create a simple donut and coffee house on State St. here in Santa Barbara. In a time when most restaurants are moving towards complicated and expensive items Juan wanted to provide inexpensive and accessible food for everyone. We helped Juan update the interior of this restaurant space and thru the permitting process. Now tasty donuts can be found here along with coffee and soda. Our favorite is the blueberry but go and try a few and decided for yourself!

The Project covered by the Sentinel

The latest issue of The Sentinel covers The Project!

Chef Ramon Velazquez of Corazon Cocina on the cover of the latest issue of the Sentinel. If you haven’t had a chance to dine at this new location please do yourself a favor and stop in, the dishes are incredible.

view of the interior with customers
Corazon’s Mezcal Bar

We initially met Ramon a few years ago when he and his business partner were considering leasing the building formerly occupied by Rebar Coffee and Yankee Noodle. In that meeting we noted that although the location seemed to be ideal none of the previous tenants were able to make it work. This had to do with a combination of factors like the emergence of the Funk Zone, the seemingly endless construction of the California Hotel and the awkward dark interior of the building. Our advice was that in order to be successful this space needed a radical transformation to open it up to State St.. Restrooms would need to be moved, new folding doors and windows would be required. All of this would be expensive on top of the monthly lease. We advised that they should take on a partner, ideally a local brewery that was looking to expand and would be willing to share the space and the costs of the buildout. With that we set the plan in motion, The Project was conceived and we created what you see today with the help of Bottenfield Construction

view into the kitchen
View into Corazon’s Kitchen

Flash forward to today and we believe that initial idea has come to fruition. Now Corazon Cocina and Captain Fatty’s Brewing are consistently packed with customers eating great tacos and drinking great beer. It’s been great to see their success! Click here to read the article

Interior image showing the bar
Captain Fatty’s Bar

Modern Times Opens on State St!

We are proud to announce that Modern Times Beer is now open on State St. in Santa Barbara. This completes the last piece of the puzzle for our Kims Service Dept. project located at 418 State St. Modern Times joins Shaker Mill, Cubaneo and Gear to create a destination multi-tenant project that has something for everyone.

The new Modern Times bar

Modern Times serves great beer but they also offer wine, coffee and incredible vegan food from their kitchen. The interior design is a combination of sleek and colorful with a backdrop of weird and wacky elements.

Modern Times Interior

Our bar design wraps around the tap wall and extends outside thru the folding door creating a great connection to the outdoor patio. Outside you can sit at the bar or a variety of seating options while you drink a beer and eat with friends. You can see the before and after images below. The first time we visited this space we could see the potential hidden behind years of junk and misuse. All the original textures and materials were there we just needed to bring the space to life

Modern Times Patio Now
Patio Area Before

Shaker Mill + Cubaneo covered by the Santa Barbara Independent

A great write up on the recently opened Shaker Mill and Cubaneo bar and restaurant in our Kim’s Service Dept. project on State St. The food and drinks are incredible and we are so happy to see the space jam packed! Do yourself a favor and visit. Our personal favorites are the cubano sandwich and a mojito or the porto guava. Try and grab a seat at the outside bar, it’s a perfect spot for people watching

Shaker Mill and Cubaneo Open!

Our latest restaurant design project located at 418 State St. in Santa Barbara has officially opened! This space is a part of our design for Kims Service Dept. which will also house a retail space and Modern Times Brewery tasting room with restaurant.

Shaker Mill patio seating with indoor outdoor bar

We designed the bar to complement the nearly perfect weather in Santa Barbara, the patio along the sidewalk provides open views into the indoor outdoor bar. The doors and windows slide up and out of the way while the bar top wraps around allowing seating along the patio as well as inside.

The bar seamlessly moves from inside to outside

We created a rounded interior bar to create a station to feature the bartenders craftwork, seating nearly surrounds the bar allowing the customers to see everything that makes the drinks so special.

Just one of the few drinks on the menu

The interior was inspired by elements of Miami Beach and Cuba, wallpaper featuring palm trees and parrots create the backdrop to the scene. Do yourself a favor and visit, the Cubano is excellent

Corazon + Captain Fatty’s Design for the Funk Zone Santa Barbara

Tacos and beer are some of the best things in life, if you could have the best of both why wouldn’t you? Soon you will have the opportunity to have the freshest beer alongside the best tacos in town in the most exciting funk zone neighborhood in Santa Barbara. Below are some progress photos

All torn up inside but soon will be put back together

You can see that it’s a bit of a mess inside right now but we’ve made some big moves to remove much of the awkward spaces and open up the interior to the State St. patio. You can see the beginnings of the Captain Fatty’s tasting bar on the right and the future folding doors beyond leading to the patio.

Check back in for more progress updates soon!