Santa Barbara Hillside Guest House ADU

Exterior view of the architectural design

We were approached by a previous client to design an ADU (additional dwelling unit) for their hillside property in Santa Barbara. We walked the property together and settled on a location overlooking a ravine with views up to the mountains. The client is very interested in modular building and the opportunity to take advantage of prefabricated housing.

We created several design options of varying sizes that were refined and ultimately culminated on what you see above. The plan is based on modular dimensions to ease transportation of prefabricated modular parts to the site. A modern open plan allows the relatively small space to feel expansive. Large expanses of glass and sliding glass doors bring the outside in and open to a deck perfect for entertaining or letting the breeze in.

The interior is streamlined and modern with natural materials. Rooms within the house can accommodate multiple uses, home office to guest room with murphy bed. The ADU could be configured as a two bedroom rental or as a one bedroom with bonus room which provides flexibility for the future.

Above is the original concept floor plan. As the design was refined you can see the big ideas continue to guide the project; master and guest wing separated by the communal space, a central deck and glass wherever possible.