Industry Wine Merchant

Photo by Paul Wellman

Photo by Paul Wellman

Here’s a little article on a very cool wine import and retail company that we helped to get their facility up and going! We hope they continue to grow and expand. Thanks to Ashley & Vance Engineering for the help

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“Industry Wine Merchant is designed to function like a “bespoke ordering system,” in which Trupiano and Erickson will begin to learn their customers’ tastes and budget. But it must go both ways to work. “We want them to get to know our palates just like we’ve gotten to know our importers’ palates,” said Trupiano.

Currently, they offer more than 300 selections, though both would like to grow that number past 1,000 in the years to come. They have both extreme luxury offerings, such as the $2,500 Domaine Leroy Richebourg Grand Cru 2009, as well as great values, such as $15 Chablis from Christophe et Fils and $16 Malat Grüner Veltliner from Austria.”