Santa Barbara Modern Mixed Use and AUD

Project: 8,500 s.f. new AUD development with two/three story multi-family residential with commercial

Location: Santa Barbara Ca.

Description: Construction nearly complete! This is a new Santa Barbara AUD development near the Haley St. and Milpas area of Santa Barbara. This project will provide three new rental units with a ground floor commercial space with associated parking in an area a short bike ride from downtown and a short walk to busy Milpas St. The project proposes to use a combination of site built construction and prefabricated steel systems to create a well built and sustainable development. Our hope is that this project becomes an example of how an AUD project can contribute to the city fabric without overbuilding and negatively impacting a neighborhood. The modern interpretation of Santa Barbara style is an iteration of our previous work on the Funk Zone Lofts. Similar details will be utilized but have been refined over time. The thick plaster walls and recessed windows help connect this design to it’s Santa Barbara heritage and to the surrounding neighborhood.