Topa Topa Brewing Funk Zone Tasting Room

Project: 2,400 s.f. interior and exterior remodel/transformation of a Santa Barbara Funk Zone warehouse space into a beer tasting room for Ventura based Topa Topa Brewery

Location: Funk Zone, Santa Barbara Ca.

Description: Now Complete. This is a 2,400 s.f. remodel for a new beer tasting room in an existing building located in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone. Next door to The Nook and Lama Dog and just around the corner from our Funk Zone Lofts project. We are very excited to be working with true craftsmen who care deeply about their creation and how it is presented. The warehouse site provides an expansive feel and we are doing all we can to only add what is necessary, a bit of texture and color that will enhance the feeling. You will be able to see into and thru the other tenant spaces to make the entire property feel interconnected. We are also creating an indoor/outdoor bar and dining area to take advantage of the intimate outdoor space and the nearly perfect year round Santa Barbara weather. Within the same building and visible from Topa Topa is a wine tasting space and a space for locally made handcrafted goods. This is an exciting project that has helped transform a formally non-descript warehouse into a great place to hangout and sample some of the best beer in the area