Satellite Wine Bar

Project: 1,000 s.f. interior remodel within the Santa Barbara Impact Hub to create a wine bar with food service

Location: State St., Santa Barbara Ca.

Description: Now Complete. This is a 1,000 s.f. interior remodel for a new wine bar located within the Impact Hub Santa Barbara.


Satellite wanted to create an intimate environment where the owner could share his passion and knowledge of all things wine and beer. The design responds by allowing the customer to be close to the action, just an arms reach away from another pour and a question about the vintage. The materials are simple but rich in appearance featuring copper that over time will create a record of all the good times had within these walls. We also took advantage of the existing wide folding doors that open out onto State St. to create a perch to look towards some of Santa Barbara’s most iconic architecture and watch the world go by. The design includes a small kitchen hidden behind an oversized steel barn door. Build out by Bottenfield Construction